Holy Clay

Divine Ceramics By Carissa


FINAL Carissa 2 Square 1x1

Holy Clay

Carissa’s creations are made with a divine purpose. Carissa only creates her art to show others that making it is a lifelong process of sacred healing. The reasons Carissa makes her art are to deliver a message and to have a place to put her emotions. She would love to share this energy with all of you. The healing that she has discovered through creativity is not to be understated, it has been liberating, and a symbol of all she has overcome and will endure in the future. This process for Carissa, is sacred. Every piece she parts with is one derived from her soul, which includes her struggles as well as her strengths. 

Carissa hopes it symbolizes this balance for you, too. Carissa’s art is that of a vessel that comes with a message that holds virtue and vitality. Her hands have seen so much trauma and pain as well as redemption and glory in her experiences,

and will continue to do so, in the most beautiful of ways.

Carissa hopes that each piece she creates will resonate and symbolize the resilience she carries within her. The passion, pain and pleasure she signifies from every single piece she makes is used to bring the message that mental health is precious.

The clay she uses has been previously loved by other beautiful, strong hands that also have profound messages.

Carissa has used nature-derived medicines to deliver her perspective into one of peacefulness years ago and must always move forward in that direction, in order to deliver merself from the frustration and anger of others that she so often

  “I pray that every piece I offer carries the same enlightenment I seek and discover daily. The truth that I exhibit and that many may not be prepared to handle, but still need to receive.” 

  “Holiness means sacred, a delivery of energy that comes from my soul and spirit, from my maker, my deliverer, and my protector. I pray this message rings true for all of you, too. My art has always protected me, delivered me, and shown me who I truly am. I hope it can symbolize this for you too, as you adorn your life experiences with the humble witness that symbolizes the peacefulness I find as I create each piece for each and all of you.” – Carissa

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